Video #2 is Up!

Ay guys Anass here!

So I’ve got my second video up and out there on YouTube!

It’s titled “Weekend Warrior – Pre-Basketball Gym Workout and Travels”

Just gives a brief insight into my weekend routine and how I usually go about it!

Would really appreciate it if you guys could watch the video, drop a like and share it for the whole world to see!

Thanks in advance guys!


P.S I am currently writing the #2 Principle for the “5 Principles of Winners” series, it should be out there later on tonight 🙂 


Youtube Channel Up and Running

Ay guys just a quick check-in,

My channel is now up and running, uploaded a lil’ fun first video so be sure to check it out and leave a like, I would be very appreciative, only takes a second to click!

Hope I’ll see you guys soon, Anass


3 Months…and counting

I have so much riding on these next few months.
My future.
My family.

To anyone with a hardship, a ongoing problem or pain, remember that it is temporary.

Pain may last for a minute.
Or an hour.
Or a day.
Even a year.

But eventually it will subside, and something else will take its place.


If we quit, however, it will last forever.

We shall WILL be champions.

Stay blessed.

P.S. Subscribe to my youtube channel for a more in depth view into my life and mindset. Hopefully I can help you guys be the greats we all are 🙂 I’ll post the link later on

Welcome to my life story

Ay guys, what’s up.

Name’s Anass, and I decided to start a blog, and it light of recent events…I’ll explain later in detail.

But I will try and update my life as much as possible, because I want my daily struggle to be a motivation for others in life.

Till next time.