Principle #3 – A Winner Can Always Establish Their Drive

So far we have covered 2 out of the 5 principles in this series.

I quite personally feel more passionate about this one a fraction more than the others (I shouldn’t say that really). But it’s true, you know this is like your backbone for most things.

What lies behind us or what lies before us are tiny matters; compared to what lies within us.

There are several things that can be classed as someone’s drive, but the great thing about it, is that everybody’s is PERSONAL to them.

My personal drive?

It’s to go to the United States.

To play NCAA Division I College Basketball.

To make it to the NBA.

To be the best.

Obviously, it sounds far-fetched, and may seem extreme, but I honestly do not care.

As obnoxious as that sounds, of course.

Because there is honestly a fundamental extra principle we need to enhance.

There is NO POINT in attempting to explain yourself to the haters, or people who doubt you. Only because they will ONLY understand things from their own perspective, and will automatically be naive.

It’s true. I mean I made the mistake of consistently trying to explain to people why I do what I do, and they have to pick it apart.

“No you are doing…”

“What is the point..”

And eventually it gets tiresome and you lose the motivation to continue because you slowly begin to listen to what they say and believe them. It’s a natural mistake, so don’t beat yourself up if you’ve done it before too. I have I know that.

And so this is the point in time where you need to TRUST YOURSELF and YOUR DRIVE.

You need to think, why am I working towards my goal? What is making me want this? What am I doing it for?

If you’re a businessman, you’re wanting to be up there, a large turnover and profit.

If you’re a dancer, you want to reach be the best local, regional, national and finally, internationally.

If you are a basketball player (such as myself), you want to be the top 10 in the country, and then advance to university basketball, and then eventually, the big league, the NBA.

Whenever you think about being a winner, there are always several stages of a pyramid if you like to it. And we all need to start at the beginner stages, because there is no such thing as ‘skipping stages’ or ‘cutting corners’.

Bottom line?

Don’t try and take shortcuts in life. 100% of the time, you’ll get cut short.

On a more personal note, I am embarking on a newly adjusted diet, workout program and revision program, in order to boost myself physically and mentally.

All of these are key in order for me to achieve my goal of obtaining a Full-Ride Scholarship to a NCAA Division I University.

My Personal Drives:

  1. Haters
  2. My Family
  3. My Friends
  4. My Imagination
  5. Small Tastes of Success
  6. People Who Doubt Me

Until next time guys,




P.S. Leave a comment down below of what your drives are, and what changes you are going to make to achieve them!


Principle #2 – A Winner Always Has a Rock Hard Mentality

It’s a little known fact that the best in any niche in life, whether it be dance, or business, or even teaching, have had to strain their mental sides to the very extremes.

And so, to add on to our further growing list of principles.


In order to be truly great, you need to do one of two things.

You must be able to sacrifice WHAT YOU ARE for WHAT YOU WILL BECOME 

Regardless of what happens to you, your one true safe haven, IS YOUR FUTURE DREAMS WITHIN YOUR MIND

In order to begin to see the changes in our daily lifestyles, we need to stop living in the present all the time, and occasionally…LIVE IN THE FUTURE

By living in the future we can envisage what we want to be/where we want to get/what we want to achieve

But you see there are some people who say they giving 100% into what they are doing, or trying to improve.

But the reality?

They were only giving 55%. And the consequences of what they were doing, were explicitly evident.

They weren’t progressing, and they seemed to be on this never ending plateau, where they don’t advance to the next level.

I’m going to be completely honest with you.

If you are giving it 200%, and you are still failing? I’m happy.

You’re doing everything in your power to try and complete your goals, but not reaching it just yet.

And after this point, you need to do two things.



Because deep down inside, every winner has to accept this as their rock. This is their mantra whenever they are going through adversity.

Regardless of the situation, you walk in there, knowing deep down inside of you that you are the GREATEST that ever was.

Everybody has to have this, in depth trust within themselves, that they are able to carry out any task or goal that is placed within their path, without question.

A dancer will begin with their fundamental movements, refining the basics and ensuring the technique and form was there. And then eventually, they begin to implement more advanced movements. Bit by bit, they slowly develop their routine. Day by day, hour by hour. And by the end of it all, they have a kick ass routine that will send them straight to the best group in their county/state.


Arguably the Greatest Dance of the 20th Century – Rudolf Nureyev

A basketball player, will begin with their beginner moves. Simple crossovers. Shooting form. Eventually, they practice more advanced moves. Spin moves, fadeaways, etc. Next thing you know, after all the hours they’ve put into it, they end up in the State/County championships, and you are holding 4 scholarships from the top Universities in the country.


The Greatest Player of All Time – Michael Jordan

When you are a business entrepreneur, you begin small scale, starting with local projects. As you progress with small incomes, you invest in larger assets. As your turnover and profit margin increases, you continually invest in bigger and better assets until eventually, you have managed to develop a full scale franchise, from several small investments.


Sir Richard Branson


Mentality is everything when it comes to the road to success. And by taming it, and using your own mentality to your advantage, you can become your own greatest asset.

And soon enough.


‘Till next time.


P.S At the end of all of these principles, I will be creating a walkthrough of how to implement ALL 5 of these into your daily lives.




Video #2 is Up!

Ay guys Anass here!

So I’ve got my second video up and out there on YouTube!

It’s titled “Weekend Warrior – Pre-Basketball Gym Workout and Travels”

Just gives a brief insight into my weekend routine and how I usually go about it!

Would really appreciate it if you guys could watch the video, drop a like and share it for the whole world to see!

Thanks in advance guys!


P.S I am currently writing the #2 Principle for the “5 Principles of Winners” series, it should be out there later on tonight 🙂 

Principle #1 – A Winner Is Always Hungry

There are 5 key principles in order to be TOTALLY DOMINANT in what you do.

So I’m going to update you all with various principles, theories and teachings that you can implement into your daily life, and you will see the changes from the end of Day 1.

So here is Number 1.



They NEVER settle for what they achieve.

You meet any sports athlete, any business CEO, any leader. And you analyse everything they do.

Their work ethic.

Their sleeping pattern.

They all click together.

Michael Jordan (Number 23) is a perfect example of this. He would get up everyday, 3AM on the dot, not a minute more.


And he had a solid structure to his day, for example the following -:

3-3:30AM: Healthy Breakfast

4:00-6:00AM: Early Morning Workout

6:30-8:00AM: Pre-Training Shootaround (In his house mind you, a full size basketball court)

8:30-11:00AM: Official Team Practice at the Chicago Bulls Training Facility

And so forth, you get the concept.

But the one thing in common with all of this, is that he NEVER stops working, only when he sleeps.

He had the mindset, that you there is no so thing as settling for the first level you reach.

If Michael had stopped on the first level he reached, as a starting player on the Bulls line-up, he wouldn’t have become the greatest player in basketball today.

If he stopped when he got kicked off his high school team, he would never have created the legacy and the franchise he has today.

He is always grinding, he is always improving.

When he won the first championship, he held up two fingers.

Why? Because he’s already telling the world, “Watch out. Next year I’m going to be back for two.”

Second Championship = 3 Fingers

Third Championship = 4 Fingers

Fourth Championship = His whole hand

And this leads me nicely on to the penultimate point.

At the first taste of success, instead of SETTLING, you feel EVEN HUNGRIER.

If you ever want to make it to the top of the food chain, you can never feel full with all the work you have done.

You need to keep going, you need to move it forward, you need to KEEP ON HUSTLING AND GRINDING

If I had to quote my man Eric Thomas, one of my main sources of inspiration, “IF YOU WANT TO SUCCEED, AS BAD AS YOU WANT TO BREATHE, THEN YOU’LL BE SUCCESSFUL.” 

I personally can never stop at any level, and 100% say “I am satisfied.”

I’m never satisfied, I always look for the next level up.

I got a C in my test. Why can’t I get a B?

Finally I got a B, let’s push it to an A, we already came this far from the start.

That’s the main mindset to how we should live life, in order to be fully successful.

If you make a promise to yourself, you need to stick to it.

Whatever you start, you finish.

Try and place this in your daily routine guys, and I’m sure the changes will start ASAP.

‘Till next time.




3 Months…and counting

I have so much riding on these next few months.
My future.
My family.

To anyone with a hardship, a ongoing problem or pain, remember that it is temporary.

Pain may last for a minute.
Or an hour.
Or a day.
Even a year.

But eventually it will subside, and something else will take its place.


If we quit, however, it will last forever.

We shall WILL be champions.

Stay blessed.

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Welcome to my life story

Ay guys, what’s up.

Name’s Anass, and I decided to start a blog, and it light of recent events…I’ll explain later in detail.

But I will try and update my life as much as possible, because I want my daily struggle to be a motivation for others in life.

Till next time.